Feb 19 – Mar 20


The information you're getting from around you is a little hard to make sense of – at least in any way you've tried so far. Fortunately, you're quite comfortable in the realm of the unreal, where edges don't have to meet and mysteries are generally better left untouched. Your grip on the situation, slippery as it is, should still help you find your way.

There's no time like the present to start a new health routine on Monday. Not only will getting exercise and eating well make you look better, you'll feel better too. Working out is amazingly great for your mind. And it's a nice way to escape the current drama of work, which may flare up during the middle of the week. Later in the week, you're going to be focused on some of your more mutually rewarding friendships. It's nice to have great pals who know you so well they can finish your sentences.

The watery Cancer full moon (and supermoon) of January 1 links you to high emotions and puts you in the comfortable position of leading with your heart. You identify with the Crab’s need to be safe and secure, and you seek these feelings out with great urgency (and, thankfully, success).

Short-term relationship challenges are highlighted during the trying Venus-Uranus square on the thirteenth, and the main thing to remember is that just because someone doesn’t want to spend 24/7 with you doesn’t mean they don’t love you. A little less cling and a little more freedom can lead to some great insight into bettering the relationship (both romantic and platonic).

When loving Venus enters Aquarius on January 17, your love life gets unconventional. You usually take the traditional route, but you aren’t above doing some experimenting when you feel comfortable. Letting down your inhibitions with the right person can be pretty entertaining!

Mercury guides your communications, and as it conjoins secretive Pluto on the twenty-fourth, you prefer not to announce your plans. People will find out soon enough what you have up your sleeve, so there’s no need for any big announcements. You’re perfectly content being the quiet one in the corner. That way no one will suspect the greatness you’re capable of.

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